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Speedy PD is a continuum of professional services being offered to the consumer at an affordable rate. In addition, Speedy PD (SPD) is an active participant in community awareness and neighborhood improvement. Therefore a portion of all services rendered through and by SPD and/or its registered service providers are applied toward the goal of making a difference. The important thing to remember about consumption is that the consumer is the community, but without a community you have nothing worth building upon.

SPD GraphFX is a registered service provider of SPD and as such is bound by the terms and conditions thereto. SPD GraphFX is a collaboration of illustrative and diverse artistic expertise offered by experienced artists with a working knowledge of technique and application.

Although, SPD GraphFX offers a standard of service. There is flexibility in accommodating the needs of the consumer. In the event that a request falls outside of the scope of capabilities the consumer will be informed and alternative services may be discussed. All other request will be addressed within a timely fashion as supply and demand dictates.

Lastly, on behalf of the SPD (dream team) and all of its registered service providers we would like to extend a warm greeting. It is our purpose to make a difference but it is also our plan to keep the community satisfied by offering our splendid services at comfortable prices.


SPD "We're changing the face of community, one purchase at a time!"


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